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After taking shower, dry the treated areas, making " blotting " movements.I am hot, too.Over the neat crowquill calligraph his pen goes blotting, blurring.

This sheet had been torn off a blotting pad.Cordelia: The fire, blotting out the sun those were the first steps to something bigger.

We found the twin stocking hidden underneath this blotting pad.Has a penchant for rains of fire, blotting out the sun?We are beyond blotting and rubbing.

A receipt for a small purchase that they then must tear into blotting their behinds, grant them grace to realize that they are destroying this great nation.The National Center of Medical Genetics was unable to continue purchasing chromatography paper and Whatman blotting paper used to diagnose metabolic diseases in newborn children.

The sandy riverbed acts like a giant strip of blotting paper sucking up the water as soon as it appears.Other identification techniques are used with personal identification and identification by fingerprints being mandatory: radiology, odontology, physical anthropology, serological blotting, photoradiography and histopathological and neutron-activation methods.These unique animals absorb water into the body like blotting paper!