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Related to bracelet : Pandora bracelet (brslt).Medical and identity information are marked on some bracelets, such as allergy bracelets, hospital patient-identification tags, and bracelet tags for newborn babies.

The evil eye is believed to result of excessive admiration or envious looks by others.Open, Chris Evert 's diamond line bracelet fell off onto the court.A decorative gold charm bracelet showing a heart-shaped locket, seahorse, crystal, telephone, bear, spaceship, and grand piano.

This can be likened to the use of awareness ribbons for similar purposes.Slap edit In the late 1980s and early 1990s, " slap bracelets " flat, felt -covered metal strips that curved around one's wrist when gently hit against itwere a popular fad.Some bracelets are completely covered in jewels, while others have one accent gem, pearl, or stone.

Having newborn babies wear an azabache (a gold bracelet or necklace with a black or red coral charm in the form of a fist is believed to protect them from the evil eye.Karma bracelets are made from wood beads and may contain various charms, and are associated with bringing good luck and good karma to those who choose to wear.A rumor emerged that "slap bracelets" caused bleeding and puncture wounds and thus fell out of style.

Link bracelets can be made of a variety of materials including metals and gemstones.Citation needed They can also be referred to as rubber wristbands, silicone wristbands or gel wristbands.For other uses, see, bracelet (disambiguation).