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To adulterate: to fill soaps with water.Guardamos el relleno para cojines cerca de la línea de montaje.Tenía dos dientes empastados y uno con la corona sustituida.

Deja de quejarte, ya me cansé!Las cajas llenaron por completo el depósito.

To fill out "write in required matter" is recorded from 1880.Voy a sustituir a mi jefe en la junta de la próxima semana.Instead of lights and gifts, this one is filled with broken promises and guilt.

To make up, compound, or otherwise provide the contents of (a medical prescription).To fall off the wind and proceed on a board.

To distend (a sail) by pressure of the wind so as to impart headway to a vessel.Andy me puso al corriente de los últimos desarrollos.To substitute for: to fill in for a colleague who is ill.