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These ideas will appeal to current sketchbook -lovers as well as those just getting started, and you weirdo art students and teachers will find all sorts of easy drawing ideas that you can make more complicated to challenge yourselves further.Warm up your hands and brain by making some big, stupid scribbles on a piece of paper for a minute or two before you tackle the sketchbook.Rated one of the best DIY boxes.

Draw a skeleton the best you can, just from memory.Draw your dinner, cut a rectangle out of a piece of paper, tape it to a window, and draw only what is inside of the rectangle.Big huge cartoon eyes, draw the outline of something without using lines.

Set up an impromptu still life using 5 things in your pantry or cabinets.All the sketchbook ideas you could possibly want (well 50 of them, at least.) Plus, an extra bonus section for tips on how to switch up your sketchbook to make it even more exciting and fun.

Switch up your style sometimes.By all means, go check out my list of 100 drawing ideas for kids, because youll no doubt find some more great ideas there youll want to try.Try setting up a small still life or doing a self portrait as realistically as you can.

Sometimes its fun to sketch the same thing on 3 different pages, in 3 different materials: try pencil, pen, crayon.You want to approach your sketchbook with a sense of presence and actually enjoy what youre doing.As Featured in, as featured in, join the thousands of others making art every month!