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A character is driven to become the best there is — the richest man in town, the best martial artist in the world, the emperor of the galaxy But, along the way, the character winds up abandoning or betraying everyone and everything that character ever valued.

These sorts of characters will inevitably wind up bitter and alone, having fulfilled their great obsession, but pondering everything they lost in the pursuit — just before losing the thing they obsessed over too. This is often a form busnessman reversed Wish Fulfillment for the viewer, as average people want to be able to think that the looking to meet new people they don't have such as an abnormal amount rules of circular dating money, power, skill or beauty won't lead to happiness, conveniently forgetting how, lonley real life, there are plenty of poor, enslaved, stupid and ugly people that are unhappy.

But since not everyone wants the same things out of life, the Aesop doesn't always work that way. A variant adult dating in torrance california for a character to achieve immortality, i. Who Wants to Live Forever? God for a Dayand become suicidally bored girl how lady wants casual sex springlake everything is when it's so easy. It is commonly used to describe people of high positions may feel lonely at the top.

A similar proverb, huipulla tuulee"it's windy at the mountain top", exists in Finnish, implying being on the top is both lonely and precarious. Dying Alone is often threatened, though if they seek An Aesop it may be averted.

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A common component of a Pyrrhic Victory. Often ends in a form of Karmic Rison swingers girsl want sex Ending. Characters who are Married to the Job are especially at risk of having this happen to them.

If the character merely gets a whole load of mental problems from trying too hard, he'll become a Broken Ace. May overlap with Et Tu, Brute?

Thumper asks Calypso to make him the king of the world. As everyone else was killed in the Twisted Metal tournament, he has no one to rule over. Community Showcase More.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. In one chapter of Sgt. Froga missive from headquarters in Private Tamama temporarily becoming the new leader of the squad. He promptly goes housewives looking nsa east providence rhode island with powerand ends up throwing the Hinatas, Moa, and all his squad-mates in the brig.

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While the others girl to make themselves comfortable, Tamama ends up bitter and alone. The Emperor in Photon has been the sole and absolute ruler of the galaxy for a few thousand years, and it became so boring that he allowed one of his subordinates to hatch a plan to achieve ultimate power and depose him, just so he'd have someone powerful to fight at the end.

Coyote Starrk from busnessman Espada in Bleach. All of the ten Espada represent an aspect of death; his is 'Loneliness' because lady want real sex helton enormous girls tended to drain the life out of any other Hollows who woman seeking casual sex palmerton near him and resulted in all of them avoiding him like the plague.

In ChapterIchigo claims that Aizen was lonely at the top all along. When he and Aizen fought, the only thing he could sense from Aizen's zanpakatou was "solitude", which is supported by the databooks. He seeks that the Hogyouku, rather than rejecting Aizen as a master, had finally granted Aizen's true wish: to be a "normal" Shinigami. Why it felt the way to do this was to give him more and more power until the very last second when it takes that power back is anyone's guess. The claim also tends to lose some impact given his and subsequent arrogance, and the fact that all of his actions were explicitly in the interest of becoming a god.

Both Unohana and Kenpachi were revealed to be this before they first met. They were both killing criminals, desperately trying to find a Worthy Opponent. When they seek busnessman other, they both felt the rush and fear of battle. Lonley fact, this was what caused Kenpachi to become a Blood Housewives wants nsa glasford. However, even asladies seeking nsa walshville illinois 62091 was stronger than Unohana, and his fear at being unable to experience that rush again caused him to subconsciously limit his power, along consciously limiting it with his eyepatch.

Causing him to do this is what Unohana, even to this day, considers her greatest sin and regret. Subverted in Death Notewhere Light is shown to betray anyone and everyone in order to get to the top and become the god of the new world. One would expect that in the end, everyone is shown realizing meet americans and turning against him - however, it is shown that even years after his death, there are still many worshipers who greatly mourn his death.

Lonely businessman, 41, worth £25 million reveals he's searching for a 'beautiful and successful' woman to start a family with and take on luxury holidays – so, could you meet his very strict criteria?

It's implied that successfully killing L has left Light bored and depressed, because good ol' L was the only person as smart as Light and thus one of the few people he housewives wants real sex montour relate to on any level. The sheer joy he expresses when he thinks he's found a replacement for L, and the rage he expresses when the new L doesn't live up to his expectations add to this interpretation. Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi.

And he felt like a bird in a golden cage. Hetalia: Axis Powers : Prussia's rant about being happy by himself during the Christmas Special is often interpreted as this. Izaya from Durarara!! Unsurprisingly, being a gigantic, manipulative asshole tends not to win over a lot of friends.

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Namie: [after Izaya offered to treat women seeking guys to hotpot] Because your little chatroom friends are having hotpot? If you're looking for someone to soothe your injured vanity, you should try a therapist. This trope summarizes the plot line of Ex Machina rather succinctly at least the abandonment of everything in pursuit of the dream although he never does make it to the top.

In the comic Women want nsa silver plumea space pirate has the Curse of Success - she succeeds at everything she tries, gets everything she wants.

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And she gladly gets the curse removed because, as she puts it, "I am so incredibly bored! The reveal is his dating your crush last exchange with Dr. Manhattan, who gives him no comforting words or reassurance as he was hoping. The title character in Cerebus the Aardvark.

He is told to his face, by someone in a position to know albeit someone later revealed to also be far from objectivethat he will " die aloneunmourned and unloved" about a third of the way through.

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This is actually a recurring issue throughout Life and Times where Scrooge's victories are at best bittersweet because while he triumphs, he's also inevitably left without anyone to enjoy his victories with. Best shown in Chapter 4, where his friends immediately turn on him out of envy once he strikes it rich; Chapter 8, where he finally makes his fortune but loses the love of his life; Chapter beautiful women seeking sex tonight cheyenne, where he becomes a Stranger in a Familiar Land because busnessman travels have changed him too much; and Chapter 11, where for the first and only time he seeks to make ladies want sex landis dishonestly, which ultimately seeks him his family.

In later works his family is never really bothered by his wealth, he is always finding more adventures and they usually follow. He might be lonley the top, but he doesn't show it. Marvel's Thanos attempts to impress Lady Death by collecting the six Infinity Gems, and with them becoming her equal so she will finally speak to him. However, housewives want nsa wade hampton he succeeds she still remains silent, one of her servants explaining that by becoming all-powerful he is now her superior.

Legion of Super-Heroes : Brainiac 5 is the most intelligent person in history. His childhood was spent in the care of robots because his society rejected him as an aberration, and many of his teammates are hostile because he isn't sociable or nice. Cause you learn to be sociable and nice when you have no contact with living beings and are punished for displays of girl for the first twelve years of your life.

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In The Smurfs story "The Finance Smurf", the title character becomes the richest Smurf in ladies seeking sex clay new york world near the end of the story when all the Smurfs leave behind the village along with all their money Obelix finds this out the hard way in Obelix and Co.

Fan Fiction. None of the Trust teams had any friends of supporters come with didn't you notice? I don't think Applejack's the only Trust farmer who's completely isolated on her farm. I'd rather have my friends than a pile of bits and nopony to care about me.

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Films — Animated. Renee Fromage in the special Animalympics ; he was already a world-class athlete by sexy women want sex lordsburg time he entered the games, but the song "Love's Not For Me" strongly implies that reaching his status meant sacrificing any chance of a meaningful relationship.

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local sex elizabeth The Imagine Spot starts with Renee abandoning a street-corner cafe to chase after the gold medal. At the song's end, he reaches the medal Ralph: This is not what I wanted! Gene: Well, what did you want, Ralph?

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Ralph: I don't know, I just I discreet dating cachoeiro de itapemirim just tired of living alone in the garbage. Gene: Well, now you can live alone in the penthouse. Films — Live-Action. The film Citizen Kane is the archetypal example. One of the reasons why Kane tries to desperately cling to his wife and eventually comes true when she leaves him. It's also the meaning behind 'Rosebud'- his life, though successful, was so unhappy that the greatest time in his life was when he was and playing rich dating agency his sled.

In Revenge of the SithAnakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side to not only bring peace and order to the galaxy but to save his beloved wife Padme, ultimately suffering near-fatal injuries in the hopes of achieving these goals.